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#1. We will promote our activities on Website and Social Media

We will be doing our best to take the message of Arm of Joy across the world and promote its mission through website, social media and other means so that more people come to join arms with our initiative and thus ensure a wider reach to the huge domain of beneficiaries.

We firmly believe that when we showcase our activities in front of the world, we are seriously promoting our motives. And hence the photographs and reports of each event will be there in our website and also in our facebook page.

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#2. We won't hand over money to any institutions or individuals

Arm of Joy is very particular in giving back cent percent returns for the hard earned money shared with us by the sponsors for organizing various events. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that every single rupee donated by the sponsors is utilized in the most effective manner and hence we will work hard on field to convert it to maximum joy for the beneficiaries.

In short, with your donations we will only implement events or activities which will ensure direct benefit for those people whom we are intending to help. We will never ever contribute money as such to any institutions or individuals.

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#3. We will receive donations only via our Bank Account

We are committed to uphold the principles of Transparency and Accountability. And so it will be our strict policy to make financial transactions only through our Bank Account.

Donations to ‘Arm of Joy’ can be made only through its Current Account in State Bank of India. We don’t have any other window to accept donations. We will also keep on publishing in our website all the details of donations made to the trust and the list of donators.

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#4. We will exhibit on our website all the details of expenditure

We wish to set high standards in honesty and integrity to be followed by an NGO. We understand that many people in our society, who really want to do something for the needy ones around, abstain from doing that just because they are not sure how their money will be eventually utilized. We feel that such ambiguity should be never be a reason for a possible helping hand refraining from it.

And so we will be sharing on our website all the particulars of how each & every rupee donated by the sponsors to us, got spent. We will also be keeping a file at our registered office with all the bills & vouchers of the events till date and anybody can access that by just visiting our office.

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#5. We will allocate 5-10% of your contributions to meet the general expenditure of the Trust

We strive to be extremely professional in running the NGO and will be adhering to all the legalities and formalities for the same. Apart from this, we will also be promoting our activities and thereby its cause through website, social media etc, so that more people come to know about this initiative and more activities happen. The general expenditure incurred for adhering to the above mentioned formalities & also for promoting activities, will be met by allocating a very small portion of the donations towards the same.

Of every donation that comes in, we will assign 5-10% for meeting the general expenditure to run the NGO. Please note that we are not taking a single rupee as remuneration for co-ordinating the activities. The general expenditure means only the actual expenditure met for running the NGO.

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