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How do we operate ?

armofjoy operate

There are plenty of blissful souls around us, who really value the concept of ‘Sharing’, but find it difficult to put in action their plans because of lack of time and other professional limitations. Credibility is another major concern for these people, when they look to set apart a portion of their savings for the Joy of others. ‘Arm of Joy’ will provide an ideal platform for all such people, who love to explore the Joy of Sharing. For people, who want to make their special occasions in life (anniversaries, birthdays, achievements in career etc) much more meaningful by sharing the Joy, we are here as an event management team to implement their wishes.

We are always in touch with various orphanages, old age homes, special schools, rehabilitation centers, pain & palliative care homes etc and thereby keep ourselves updated with all the requirements at their end. And when someone comes forward with an amount to spread joy, we will act as an intermediary to connect the Sponsor with the Needy.

We will never contribute money as such to any of those institutions or individuals, but plan and execute events by which their genuine requirements are met. By providing direct benefit to the needy, we will make certain that they get maximum Joy out of the events. And thereby ensure that Joy is given back to the Sponsors who shared their money, Supporters who shared their ideas and Volunteers who shared their time.

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